Saturday, June 16, 2012

15th of June

Another haulage coming here!
I have been picking up stuffs to please myself. I am oh so materialistic.

I bought more lip stuff especially the lip liners, so many backups, they are so cheap yet so good.
They cost only 13 Roubles (USD0.40).
Such a steal!

The other lipliner colour I has swatched it here.
This one is a dark bright pink.

I wore this today and I really love it.

Merilin Lip Gloss and Water Shine Lipgloss.
I am looking for a peachy lipgloss colour so I bought them

They look the same in the swatch.
The top swatch is Merilin Water Shine Lipgloss. Bottom is the normal lip gloss.
The normal lipgloss is more opaque than the water shine lipgloss.

And the 15% off at the nearby beauty store.
Picked up two foundations for the sake of picking up something. I need more foundations as if I need a hole in my head.

Ninelle Matt Effect Foundation in 101 and Max Factor Pan Stick.

I tried the tester for Max Factor's pan stick and I immediately fell in love with the fact that it is a stick foundation.
It is very creamy and heavy coverage from what I've tried from the tester.
I never tried a stick form foundation before but I find it very convenient to have one especially when you are on the go or traveling.
It cost 269Roubles for 9g.

Ninelle Matt Effect Foundation was an impulse buy because of the nice packaging, the champagne and pink is a nice combination and the fact it says it is a matt foundation.
It cost 199Roubles for 35ml.

Also I bought something cool that I've wanted for so longgg!

a fox tail! Huge one and it only cost 300 Roubles at the souvenir area.
Loving it so much, it is so soft. 

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