Thursday, August 11, 2016

Travel Diary in UK : Birmingham : A day in Birmingham

We stayed in the backpackers hostel in Birmingham. It was pretty hard searching for hostels in Birmingham, so this is our only choice.
The deco for the main hall is pretty but the rooms are average. The double deckers aren't comfy at all and the rooms look dirty. 

Free breakfast is included with this hostel. They provide bread and spread, milk, cereal, you know the drill. 

Heading out to the city center for some shopping. 

We head to the market for some cheap souvenir shopping. 

In the meantime, this is what me and my friend got. Some cheap watches. 
Despite being 2 pounds, this watch is still functioning till this very day. 

The famous bullring for more shopping. 

I got some Cath Kidston for myself from Selfridges.
I got myself a passport cover and also a bag. It was a good deal after the student discounts.

I shop way less than I expected. I just got the Cath Kidston items. That is all.
I would have thought that I might be breaking the bank with my shopping. 

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