Monday, August 8, 2016

Eating out Malaysia : Ben's

This cafe has been in the food scene in Malaysia for quite some time. I was introduced to this cafe by a friend who likes their Mac n Cheese.
From them, I visit this place once awhile for some Mac n Cheese fix.

The ambiance is great. It is nice place to sit down and relax and chit chat all day long (when it's not lunch hour). The service and environment can get chaotic during lunch hour.
I usually visit this cafe during the weekends or after lunch which is about 3-4pm.

This time around, I brought my mum and sis to try out this cafe.

Mac n Cheese
I like the crunchy cheese topping but sometimes it can get too cheesy and it would get too much before you could finish the whole plate. I never once finish the whole plate.

My sister ordered the hot chocolate. It's pretty decent.

She ordered the chicken pie too. It's pretty nice.

My mum loves quiche so she got a mushroom quiche.
I quite like the quiche, I might get a quiche the next time I visit.

Despite many complains about the service of this cafe, my experience with the service was decent. It might be because I visited the cafe during the weekends where there wasn't many people.

The price for 3 person was slightly over RM100 which is the norm for cafe prices. 

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