Sunday, August 14, 2016

Eating out Moscow : I Love Cake

I Love Cake is a small cafe where like its name offers a great selection of cakes, breakfast menu and variety of hot drinks.
It can definitely get very crowded during the weekends. So, it is best to go in a small group or opt for a reserve if you are going with a big group.

The prices for the cakes can be slightly pricey but the cakes are one of its kind and they are served in a generous portion. For breakfast menu, I find them to be quite okay. I do like the pancakes though, very delicious.
I will posting pictures of the food and not much of reviews since most of them are not mine. They are all decorated so beautifully, it is a shame not to share pictures of the foods.

Nutella latte

Pistachio latte

Toast with Ruccola, poached egg, salmon and tomatoes.
This is what I called. Definitely cannot go wrong with poached egg and salmon even so I feel like it is something that I could make, so it is not very special.
I am just being very nit picky. It is still a  hearty meal.

Blueberry pancake.
Oh my, this is delicious. This is my friend's but I got to taste a little. They are very generous with the blueberries. You could tell there's blueberries in the pancake batter. The blueberry yogurt sauce is awesome too.


Scrambled egg with prawns and Hollandaise sauce

Lots of cakes.
I love the pecan cake. I think it is called the "Superman" cake. 

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