Saturday, August 27, 2016

Makeup Ban

I think I need to be on a makeup ban after going through my makeup collection. I just have too many products that I buy for the sake of getting and ending up not using them at all.
Now being like on quarter age, I can't burn money on makeup just like that. I need to save money for my future and on bills and other necessities.

I know it is going to hard on me since I follow like so many beauty blogs and watch so many youtube videos. 
Hopefully I can survive this. 

Of late, I have realizing the change in my spending habits on makeup. I do not binge buy on drugstore products anymore. Instead, I would save money and spend on a good quality high end products, which I would find myself going to and using it diligently. 
So, my purchase rate my decreased compared to how I used to spend on makeup few years ago. I would just go to the drugstore and impulse buy because it is cheap. 
I am happy with this habit and I would want it to stay. 

I will start off with a one month no makeup buy starting mid Sept after I am back from my Thailand trip. My Thailand trip will be my last haul for a month.

From now on, my haul post will be consisting of my backdated hauls. 

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