Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hermo haul : Missha & Brigitte

This is another Hermo haul post. I do not how much money had I donated to Hermo. 
Probably my six month worth of lunch money. 

Okay. So, I placed an order on Hermo when I saw the Missha Magic Cushion went on sale.

Missha had a collaboration with LINE awhile ago and everything they released is nothing but cute. I wanted to try the cushion but I wasn't willing to pay full price so I did placed the thought of purchasing it aside and hoping there is a sale soon so I could grab it up. The other day I saw that Hermo was having sort of like clearance on this cushion, I immediately grabbed it up before it goes out of stock.

Hermo provides free shipping when you purchase two items and above. To make the shipping free, I placed the Brigitte eyeshadow palette because I was interested in trying this Japanese brand out.

The compact is so cute!
It comes with an extra puff and also refill.

Brigitte Romantic Eyes Eyeshadow.

This brand was endorsed by Rola. The website was so cute and romantic looking. Got totally sucked into buying their stuffs.
When I first got this eyeshadow palette, I found the packaging to be a bit 'bleh', it does not look as good as photographed. I found it a little cheap plastic looking.

The shade I purchased is BR-1

It is a very basic brown eyeshadow palette.
There's nothing special but you can never go wrong with these type of shades.

Looks like I won't be purchasing from this brand until something from its line is gonna wow me. If you are looking for a great Japanese drugstore eyeshadow palette, please check out KATE and Canmake.

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