Sunday, December 13, 2015

Travel Diary in UK : Eating out Edinburgh : Golden Grill Cafe

In the bustling streets of West End, lies a small little cafe. There's nothing sort of unique interior that will attracts you into the cafe, it is very simple and clean. But what seems familiar to us, is that they serve homely meals, comfort food.

I happened to cross this cafe while searching for a breakfast stop. What attracted us was the fact they serve English Breakfast and Sandwiches, something we have been craving during our UK trip.

We ordered sandwiches instead since we felt like eating sandwiches, we needed carbs to keep us going since we traveled all the way from London the night before and arrived Edinburgh in the morning, pushing our luggages to the hostel. We were tired and hungry.

The sandwiches here are nothing of the ordinary. They are just very homely prepared sandwiches. Fresh from the kitchen.

I like how they have a variety of sauces prepared in sachets on the table. There were the clasic mayonnaise and mustard, apple Sauce, tartar sauce and HP sauce. I love the apple sauce.

Service was fast and great. The staff tries their best to make every experience a good one.
I wanted panini but it was on the lunch menu and it was still breakfast time. The staff nicely accepted my order and made it a special for me.

My panini is served. It is cheese and ham panini.
Every melted cheese taste like heaven in the mouth. Such comfort food./

Overall, I recommend this little cafe to get some comfort food if you do stop by Edinburgh.

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