Saturday, December 19, 2015

Rostelecom Cup : Figure Skating Grand Prix Experience.

I have been to Rostelecom Cup for three years in a row eversince I found love in figure skating. Since it is my last year being in Moscow, I took every chance to attend this competition.
Even buying the tickets on the morning it was released. Ofcourse I did not get the seats in the front row because broke student issue and my ultimate favourite is not here but I think my seats are great enough for the price. 

The line up for Rostelecom Cup is not very interesting for me since most of favourites are not assigned to this grand prix with the exception of Javier Fernandez, Weaver/Poje. 

So, this time around, the competition is held in Luzhniki Small Arena. It has been held there eversince Megasport stadium is closed for renovation. 
I only went for 2 days, the second day which is the free skating and exhibition gala. 
Didn't go for the first day because I have class.  

The small arena because the start of the free skating. 

Fans hanging banners to support their favourite skaters. 

Judges and technical specialist corner. 
With Tatiana Tarasova and Grishin on top, doing live commentary. 

The event starts with the Ice Dance Free Dance 

Weaver/Poje taking the ice. 

They put out a really lovely and magical free skate and managed to grab the gold and secure their place to the Grand Prix Final in Barcelona.
If you haven't check them out you could search their short dance and free dance programme on youtube with commentaries.

I really enjoyed their performance and to add on they are such a beautiful pair to look at.

Takahiko Kozuka

On to some stalkerish moments.
From my sitting spot, it is very easy for me to look to the skater's , coach's or staff's reserved places. It was just below my deck and there's one across my deck.

This is  Canada's Nam Nguyen and Brian Orser at their seats during the Ladies'.

The final flight of ladies taking on the warm up.

Day 3, Exhibition Gala.

Medal Ceremony.

Ice dance podium.

Men's podium.

Ladies' podium

Overall it has been a good event. It has its fair share of disasters and great moments. 

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