Sunday, December 27, 2015

Around Moscow : Christmas markets.

Merry Christmas. I hope everyone is having a great Christmas.
I have also ended my semester. I can't believe how fast time has passed by and now I have finished one of the semesters of my final year. I am so glad that my semester ended on Christmas day because it means I could celebrate Christmas without any worries.

This year Moscow has been on top of their game with the Christmas decorations and Christmas markets. The city is absolutely stunning.
There are many Christmas decoration spots this time around but so far, I have managed only a few spots. It is impossible to visit so many locations in the short span of time.
I have only picked out the popular spots to visit.

The first location I have visited is the popular Manezhskaya Square right infront of Red Square.

The big bauble at the square which you could actually get into to snap photos.

In the bauble.
The light keeps changing, making quite difficult to get a good picture.

The Christmas in Manezhskaya Square. In the center of Moscow.

There are many kiosk for the Christmas market with great selection of gifts and foods.

I picked up some items from the kiosks.
The baubles offered in the market were some of the prettiest baubles, I have ever seen.

These are what I got from the Christmas market.

The bauble is for myself but the candle is a gift to someone special.

I love the design on the bauble. It reminds me of a beautiful snow village in the mountains on Christmas.

I also how the bauble came into two shades. A transparent part and metallic blue part.

A tiny ice rink at the square.

We walked towards GUM. There was a little Christmas market and ice rink infront of GUM.
There's many beautiful decorations in the market too.

Here's the snowman and I.

The Christmas lights in Nikolskaya Street.

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