Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Travel Diary : Sandakan, Sabah Day 2 : Dinner at Pasir Putih Baru

Day 2 is the most hectic day among our Sandakan trip. We have visited many tourist attraction spots and now it is dinner time,we are doing it Malaysian Chinese style. Feasting it big and grand.

Our dinner spot is Pasir Putih Baru which is beside the well known Ocean King restaurant in Sandakan.

After discussing with the tour guide and my uncle who has been to Sandakan. The elders finally end up deciding Pasir Putih Baru because of the cheaper price and the quality of food is about the same as compared to Ocean King.

The restaurant is built sea side so besides able to experience nice and fresh seafood, you get the view of the sea too.

"Wat Tan" Prawns.
Wat Tan is egg shimmered in starch based gravy. This style of cooking is very popular in Malaysia, Singapore and Southeast China.
If you have eaten fried noodles from the hawker stalls or 小抄 , you would probably been familiar with Wat Tan Hor (Flat Rice Noodles in Egg Gravy). This version instead of noodles, it is just purely prawns.

White clams stirfried in ginger and chives.

I have idea what is the name for this shellfish.
The kids leave the ordering to the elders. We will just eat what is served and we trust the elders. Ofcourse, this taste really good. It is different from what we used to. The shellfish is just baked without any flavours or seasonings. You could taste the freshness of the shellfish with every bite.

Stir fried greens.
I have no idea what is this vegetable called in English but in Chinese and Cantonese we call it 油麦.

More stir fried greens.
This is one special vegetable. I have no idea what it is called but it is native to this place. That means even me from West Malaysia will not be able to get my hands on this vegetable when I am back to West Malaysia.
I love the crunchyness of this vegetable, it does remind me of pucuk paku (a type of vegetable fern).
We do seem like we eat a lot of weird vegetables don't we?
Let me tell you what I do love about my country we have a huge variety of vegetables which makes the variety of vegetables in Moscow unbearable, how could people here survive with so little variety. There's no sweet potato for a potato loving country.

Deep fried fish cake.
Calorie laden comfort food for the soul.

Deep fried squid

Here comes the king!
Steam fish. My favourite dish when it comes to Chinese food. No restaurant meal is complete without steam fish.

Kam Hiong crab.
Time to get the fingers dirty and feast on fresh crabs.
In Malaysian Chinese culture, seafood dinner is not called a seafood dinner without the crabs. It is a must on the table.

Salted egg yolk crab.
Taste so good, I love salted egg yolk everything. Don't mind the cholesterol and calories. I am on a holiday.

This is how grand a restaurant dinner is in Malaysian Chinese culture. Neverending dishes, probably enough to feed a village of people.
How would I rate this restaurant. Well, it is not bad but I wouldn't say it the best seafood restaurant I have tried, just a different preference of taste. I do enjoy the Wat Tan prawns, Steamed fish and Stir fried green that is locally available in Sabah only. 

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