Saturday, April 11, 2015

Eating out Moscow : It is Gin no Taki again

I do not know if I have said this before but Gin no Taki is my favourite Japanese restaurant chain in Moscow.
This is not my first time visiting this restaurant but my second time. You can see my last blogpost regarding this Japanese restaurant

I had friends who has visited the Oktysberskaya branch and they were disgusted by the sushi at that branch. The branch that I always visit is near Ohotnyi Ryad which is really close to Red Square.

This time around I went with my other two girl friends. We also had a 50% off coupon.

The sushi is this shop is exotic, the blend is really unique. Who had thought of putting green chili in the sushi.
Eventhough unique the taste blend well and they don't come off as weird and disgusting.

My friend recommended the chili sushi, it is one of her favourite, I didn't try this sushi the last time I visited the shop.
I would say it is such an interesting combination, the avocado gives off a creamy taste whereas the chili gives off a fresh and spicy kick.

This is my favourite sushi roll set. It has eight rolls with different combination ranging from the salmon to caviars. It is for people who wants to have more choices on their plate.

This sushi roll isn't your typical Japanese sushi roll, it has a Russian twist in it with all the cream cheese. In the middle of the sushi there's chicken and mushroom in cream cheese sauce.
Not bad at all. Somehow it comes off as a straganoff-like tasting sushi.
Definitely very interesting combination and worth a try.

This sushi roll set isn't as interesting. It is your typical salmon cream cheese sushi roll with salad in the middle.
Salmon and sushi can never go wrong anyway.

We ordered this last two sushi roll set eventhough we were pretty full already.
We had the cucumber roll which I had before and I still like it, it is very refreshing. The other one is an unagi roll. It taste really good but it is a typical sushi roll. Still like it though

Overall, I really like Gin no Taki. I would recommend this restaurant over and over again. 

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