Friday, April 17, 2015

Spring makeup haul : Catrice & Vivienne Sabo

In the beauty shop, some spring collection of beauty products has creep their way to the shelves. Who isn't excited for Spring colours. I for one love the soft girly and also pastels of Spring colours. The new spring collection products are just too beautiful to past.
So, I picked up some items from the Spring collections of various brands from the beauty shop. 

I picked up 4 liquid lipsticks from Vivienne Sabo and Catrice's Absolute Rose Eyeshadow Palette. 

Liquid lipstick has been the rave in the beauty world right now. Every brand is trying to push their own version of liquid lipstick. This small little Russian brand isn't different and is on with the trend and released their own version of liquid lipsticks for their spring collection. 

Catrice Absolute Rose Eyeshadow Palette.
I have been eyeing on this palette for a long time eversince I knew that Catrice is releasing a rose version of their eyeshadow palette. I am glad they brought this palette over to Russia because I thought would not see daylight in Russia. I just love the colours on this palette.

I have to mention again that I love neutral shades with a twist of rose or pink undertones .It just gives the eyeshadow a twist of feminine and elegance.
This palette comes in six shadows. It range from beige pinks to smoky purple tones. Perfect for a daytime natural look and also sexy sultry night look.

Vivienne Sabo has release their range of liquid lipsticks for Spring. It comes in 4 shades and I got all four shades. I was lucky to be able to grab all of the four shades as some of the shades were the last piece left standing on the makeup shelf.

The packaging is not the most luxurious looking but I couldn't complain because the price is such a bargain. It comes in a plasticky packaging which isn't too flattering but it is not to the extend toy like. It has a plastic gold cap and gold printing on the plastic tube.

The shades do not have a name but they have a number code. I wish it come with names though, It would be more fun.

205 - A bright neon pink-coral
204 - Hollywood style red
203 - Pale baby pink
202 - Dusty rose

Here comes the swatches.
From top : 204, 205, 202, 203.

From bottom : 203, 202, 205,204

Among all the shades I woulsd say 202 is my favourite amongst the four shades that I have purchased. It is a beautiful MLBB shade and it is very feminine and elegant.

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