Saturday, April 4, 2015

Eating out Malaysia : Durian puffs

The durian cream puffs from Kafe Happy Meal in China Town, Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur are probably my favourite durian cream puffs I could get. It brings back a lot of memories everytime I get this cream puff.
I got to try this cream puff last summer when I dropped by with my parents to pick up my sister from school. Her school is located close to Petaling Street.

Everytime I see the cream puff stall, It just reminds me of my high school days how I used to roam around Petaling Street after school to get food and comics with my girl friends and then head to my tuition center. I had tuition for a short period of time, actually during my final year of high school for exams. So before my final year, I am a bad girl, I do sneak out to Petaling Street after school instead of going home straight and not telling my mum. But, we just want to have fun and enjoy. Those old school days. It kind of scares me that high school is such a distant memory and I am actually hitting quarter life soon.

Besides the durian cream puffs, I really like the tarts and sandwiches (especially the egg sandwich) from that store.
Still, the durian cream puffs is a winner.
The filling is really rich and creamy. You can taste the durian inside the cream. Blended to perfection. Sometimes you could even eat strands of durians in the cream.
Oh gosh I am so bad at explaining food.
If you ever stop by Petaling Street, the durian puffs are a must.

I am really missing the durian puffs right now. How I wish I could go home now and get myself some durian puffs. 

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