Friday, November 28, 2014

Living the dream : Bolshoi Theater

It is really an exciting day since it is my first trip to the ever so famous Bolshoi Theater. It has always been a dream to visit the theater and catch an opera and a ballet show.
I have completed the list of watching an opera with Don Carlos.

That mandatory selfie in the bus before heading to the metro.
It was pretty cold that night for an autumn night that I wrapped myself up in scarf that I appeared to be neckless.

The magnificent Bolshoi Theater.

Inside the Historic hall is really majestic with the luxurious gold platings of the balcony covered with red curtains and linings.

View of the Stalls from my Balcony

The left side of the 2nd balcony.
This is my sitting location for the opera.

The opera was great although I thought the cast could do it better with vocal projection, the vocals starts to get better after the second act. I guess the cast had warm up after an act.
Even so, it still was a great performance. The best performer has to be the actress casted as Ecoli.

The tickets for the show. To get the printed tickets we have to queue up at the ticket booth to get them, via online it is available in e-tickets form.

Curtain call.

Overall, It is such a great night. I would like to come back for a Ballet Show, I am now eyeing on Swan Lake. 

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