Monday, November 10, 2014

Essence haul : glowing up

The beauty store near my hostel has finally stocked up new releases from Essence. I didn't go too crazy with the haul since there were many items that were sold out. I will visit the shop soon and get checking if they have restock them up.

I got three newly release items from Essence.
Essence Effect Eyeshadow in Uk's Stonehedge, Essence Soo Glow cream to poweder highlighter in 10 and 20.

Essence Effect Eyeshadow is something I am really exited for. Essence seems to have step up in their game in creating a dry-proof eyeshadow in a tube. I love Essence's cream eyeshadows but those days they came in a pot and after awhile they will dry up.
With the tube form, it will stand through the drying and also more hygienic.

This cream eyeshadow is no different from their previous, the colour pigmentation is great with beautiful shimmers to give the eyelid a dimensional look, very long lasting and doesn't crease. It is a dream come true for those who couldn't afford to splurge on high-end eyeshadows but looking for a drugstore brand that does most of the job.

UK's Stonehedge is a beautiful taupe with shimmers. Taupe is one of my favourite shade and I couldn't let the cream eyeshadow go upon swatching it on my hand, it is just very beautiful.
I am looking forward to get more colours from this line of cream eyeshadows.

I am a highlighter kind of girl. I just like having a glow on my skin, it gives me a very fresh and healthy look to my face.
These two highlighters are the last one in the counter, I knew I just had to grab them up or wait a long time before I could get them.

Look on the Bright Side is a beautiful white highlighter than flatters fair skintones.
Bright up your Life is a beautiful pink highlighter.
Both are really shimmery.

Swatches on my hand.
Moscow weather is very very gloomy right now thus lighting is not good at all.

Top : Bright up your Life
Bottom : Look at the Bright Side

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