Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Eating out : Birthday Bash - Gin no Taki

After hearing my friend recommending this Japanese restaurant, I wanted to go quite badly.
So for my birthday, a special someone decided to bring me to celebrate my birthday in this particular restaurant.

The restaurant is huge with nice interior design. There is three floors and lots of seating place. There is a waiter assigned to every section and floor. So there will always be people serving you, I would say very good service considering it is Russia where the waiters often turns a blind eye on you.

The three set of rolls I ordered.
They taste so good, they are fresh and the salmon is thick.

I like the roll with cucumber wrapped over it, it is very refreshing and fresh.

Salmon Teriyaki.

The serving is satisfying and the teriyaki sauce is nicely glazed on the salmon.

Seabass sashimi served on a ice bowl.
The serving portion is huge since it is the whole fish. Seldom we get a whole fish sashimi with an affordable price.

Diggin' in and the hungry ghost in us finished the whole fish in a few minutes.

This sushi role is more special. It is a warm sushi roll served with cheese on top of salmon with plum sauce. Something very different from usual shoyu and wasabi.
It is sour and sweet which is a taste that needs to get accustom to but it really taste good.

Homemade icecream, a specialty from Gin no Taki.

It taste so heavenly, I felt like I just went to paradise. It is a very rich caramel almond icecream served with drizzled caramel, caramel coated almonds on an ice bowl.

Sushi roll coated with coconut and served with fruits with vanilla dip.

Not my favourite it taste really weird with the rice. It would be better if were sweet glutinous rice.
Normal rice just don't complement the taste in fact it is too plain. It doesn't blend well with the sourness and slight sweetness of the berries.

My birthday present, a box of Ferrero Rocher.


I got Bolshoi Theater tickets for my birthday.

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