Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Eating out Moscow : Max Brenner Moscow

Max Brenner Moscow had a 50% off coupon so I thought why not stop by the Moscow branch and try out their desserts and how does it compare to the Australian branch that I have tried. Everything is so reasonable with the coupon.

The first thing we ordered is the Chocolate Pizza.
Just plain pizza bread with milk and chocolate topping with melted marshmallows on top.

Presentation wise, not very pretty and photogenic. I felt because of the offer and high volume of customers, the staffs has been rushing through orders and thus slacking in terms of presentation.
Taste wise. should had a tinge of dark chocolate to balance things out or more marshmallows to balance out with the milk and white chocolate.
Hope I am not the only one who thinks that they were really stingy with their ingredients. Should had more marshmallows. On the side note, the marshmallows are not nicely toasted.
Not very exciting or memorable in any sort of way. I could prepare the same chocolate pizza with my oven for less the price and better taste.

Max  Brenner Classic Hot Chocolate.

I love the Max Brenner Signature Hug Mug. I find the design cute and chic.
The hot chocolate is pretty nice. I find it not too thick to the extend that you feel intoxicated. It is slightly diluted in consistency but it is just nice for my taste. Doesn't feel like too thick down my throat, it goes down the throat smoothly.
I just wish it is slightly creamier but It is still fine for me.

Classical European Chocolate Fondue

I really love fondue. Let's forget the fattening part, I find them extremely comforting. Such a bummer that in Moscow, they only serve milk chocolate and caramel instead of a milk chocolate and dark chocolate selection like how I got mine in Australia.
/The fondue is definitely very nice.

Enjoying roasting my marshmallows. I like my marshmallow slightly burnt.
Bad for health but I don't have them often so It is quite okay.
It is an indulgence for me.

Will I visit this cafe again?
With the 50% off for sure! but without I doubt so.

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