Sunday, September 21, 2014

Travel Diary : Sandakan, Sabah Day 2 - The English Tea House and Restaurant

In the middle of the tropics, one would never imagine themselves sipping their afternoon tea and enjoying pastries and scones.

After our visit to the Central Market and St. Michael's Church in the morning, we decided to stop by at the tea house to get our afternoon tea fix.

The view across the tea house is not one would expect to see. The suburban street style is great contrast compared to the calm and serene English themed tea house.

The menu book.

Our scones set has arrived.

It comes with strawberry jam and cream. The scones are pretty huge.

A warm cup of Earl Grey Tea.
A pot should serve four cups of tea.
Earl Grey tea is one of my favourite English tea because of its refreshing bergamot after taste. You just feel so awake and fresh after drinking this tea.

My scone with a huge dollop of cream and strawberry jam.

The scones are huge. They are not my favourite scones, they are averagely soft but they lack the fragrant butter smell which make them appeal much less appetizing. Feels like eating average bread.
Maybe I am more particular about scones taste because I have been to London and this can't beat those budget Mark and Spencer scones.

The beautiful view of the garden.

My afternoon tea set.
They were pretty bland besides the pink tiny cupcake which was hiding behind the other cakes.

If you are searching for something different and out of the ordinary in Sandakan, this is a great place for a getaway. 

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