Thursday, September 11, 2014

Confession of a beauty blogger

1. Being a beauty blogger or more like a hoarder, people would think my makeup is beautiful organized in Muji storages. No. My makeup are stacked in my cupboard and some are place in cheap (not pretty looking) plastic storages from Tesco. Not pretty looking but organized enough.

2. I go to university without any makeup on and I like it that day because I am too lazy to wake up early just to get my makeup done. Spending weekday nights burning the midnight oil is dreadful, very minute of sleep counts to pull through long commuting hours, classes and lectures.

3. I never ever once in my life slept with my makeup on. I just love my skin that much.

4. When I was younger, I used to use both top and bottom false eyelashes and lots of blusher to achieve the 'cute' look. Never going back to that era.

5. My beautician used to shave my eyebrows pencil thin.I am glad I stopped her from doing it. I definitely look better with my natural brows. It makes me look more youthful.

6. My skincare has approximately 10 steps. Sounds extreme but it helped tone down the pimples I used to have on my skin and now my skin has pretty much cleared up.

7. I fail at doing hair so much that the best you can get from me is probably not very pretty braids and a ponytail.

8. At my slowest, I take about one and the half hours to get my makeup ready because I probably spent 30 - 45 minutes starring at my makeup collection and choosing products to use.
I can take 20-30 minutes at my fastest.

9. When I buy lip products, I will buy my favourite pink shade in the collection first, then only I will proceed getting other colours, the plums, reds and oranges.

10. I am not a spender when it comes to mascara, I stick to drugstore brands because you have to chuck it off after 3 months. It is such a huge waste if it were a high end mascara, I can't make myself chuck a RM100 mascara away just like that. 

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