Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Little autumn loot

I wanted this post to be solely dedicated to the amazing L'oreal Colour Riche L'Ombre Pure Eyeshadows but at the same time I am do not want to do another post just for the Pupa lipgloss. So let's mesh everything into one. 

The L'oreal Colour Riche L'Ombre Pure Eyeshadow. Ever since, it has been launched. Everybody including their grandmother and aunts have been talking about it, like it has been the most amazing product to be released in the decade. 

Let me tell you. I now get the whole hype about it. 

This gel to powder formula eyeshadow promises creamy and smooth texture which transforms the make-up gesture into a precise and comfortable sensory application. 

L'oreal eyeshadows never fail me, since the "infallible 24hr eyeshadow". The Infallible hits the top list when it comes to drugstore eyeshadow and now this new L'oreal eyeshadow is joining the ranks with it. 

The gel to powder eyeshadow feels wet to the touch but offers the most buttery application with intense colour pay off. 
It glides like butter and the colour pay off is so amazing. One swipe is all you need. 
The shade I picked up is a Lumiere formula in 500 Gold Mania. Gold Mania is the most gorgeous bronze-gold shade I have ever own. The shade has a very luxurious feeling. To add it on the packaging and the whole 'wave' design gave the eyeshadow an even more luxurious look, it looks very high-end cosmetic. 
I will definitely go back to the cosmetic shop to collect other shades. I just wanna collect them all ( like a pokemon).

The most beautiful shade ever, It looks like melted bronze-gold in the pan.
So gorgeous and luxurious. 

Pupa has been a brand I wanted to try for a long time. I was browsing along the Pupa counter and they had a clearance on their past collection. 
I picked up a Shiny Lip Fluid from their 2013 Princess collection. 

It comes in a gold packaging with a see through bit so that you can take a peek on the colour. The plastic is very sturdy and thick so the overall appearance is very luxurious and glamorous looking. It looks almost high-end. 
I am in love with the packaging. 
The shade I chose is 004 Nude Pink. 

This is my first Pupa item. So I am excited to try out, this product will be the basis of my first impression on this chic Italian brand. 

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