Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Spendaholic girl

Good news or maybe not so great because I might have been splurging too much cash around but I have accumulated enough spending in Rive Gauche ( A beauty and perfumerie chain in Moscow) to have finally switched my standard card into a gold card.

A standard gold card allows me to enjoy up to 30% savings on certain items which is quite a great deal for high-end cosmetics.
Even so, I do not buy high end cosmetics in Moscow even with the savings because high end European cosmetics are still cheaper in Malaysia. Unless if our currency goes a little higher and roubles drop, then I would consider buying high-end there but for now Malaysia is still my choice for high-end European cosmetics.

I will not talk too much about 'Rive Gauche' first because I will be doing a guide on where to shop cosmetics in Moscow.

To accumulate my last 200 points. I picked up an item from the store.

I bought the same item from Pupa in the last haul, the Pupa Princess Shiny Lip Fluid in 004 Nude Pink. It is a past collection item thus the discounted price.

This time I went back and got the 002 Nude Rose. It is a beautiful beige nude with rose undertones, a very flattering neutral for everyday.
This was the last one standing in the counter. I just had to get it.
Among the four colours available, I find 002 Nude Rose and 004 Nude Pink are the most flattering colours. 

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