Thursday, September 25, 2014

Eating out : Maki Maki Sushi

Maki-Maki is a sushi chain in Moscow.
They are celebrating their 5th anniversary and they had coupons online for 70% off their whole menu until the end of September
70% off is such a saving, so I took the plunge and went dining out in Maki Maki.

I visited the shop on a Monday afternoon leaning towards evening, the restaurant wasn't pack since it was an odd hour to eat. It is better to visit restaurants at odd hour because less customers equals better quality control.
Serving isn't the fastest thing on that day but it is still acceptable, I didn't need to wait to the point of annoyance.

I am also glad that the day I visited, there were no smokers. The air quality was excellent. I wonder has the ban been implemented? Because, smoking ban never work in Moscow. They even smoke in hospital grounds!
Also, It can get annoying that people smoke in indoor cafes in Russia with minimal ventilation. It is a very bad etiquette practiced in Russia.

We ordered a sushi set (XS sushi set) and four separate rolls.

Russian Sushi is pretty much like the western sushi, lots of mayonnaise (not Japanese kewpie), cream cheese and even dill to suit the western palate.
It is not the tastiest sushi but considering for what I paid, it is well worth it. The cream cheese and mayonnaise does make it tastier and also unhealthier.

With 70% off, I paid 636.60 Roubles for the meal.Without the coupon, the meal sums up to 2122.00 roubles, which is pretty expensive for a poor university student like me.
With 70% off, it is a great saving with eating out prices in Moscow being very pricey. 

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