Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Package galore

I am still alive.I has been a hectic weekend with all the funeral processes thus the absence.

In the midst of the funeral days, I have received a parcel. I am gonna share what I've got.

This is like a collective haul. I got the items during the ELF 50% off Studio, NPB 20%, Drugstore 20% off, Sallybeauty 20% off and Victoria's Secret annual sale.Here's the loot excluding the Victoria Secret items.

A quick swatch of the ELF under eye concealer and highlighter duo in light
After blending it out.ELF's studio blush in Gotta Glow. It's a pretty highlighter with gold flecks.

This is what I got from Victoria's Secret.2 bottles of body mist. Love Spell and Coconut Passion.

Swatch of NYX ultra pearl mania is yellow.Such a pretty yellow, almost like gold.

Maybelline's dream mousse blush in rose petal
I finally jumped the bandwagon and got it.

Sally girl baked eyeshadows.I heard good stuffs about this eyeshadow. Since it's USD0.99 per piece, it wouldn't hurt the pocket to try them out.I got Aqua and Purple-grey.

This is swatched dry.NYX eyeshadow in Autumn Sky.

NYX bronzer in daydream of Maui. I love the packaging a lot that's why I decided to try it. Ain't the packaging cute?

It comes with a powder puff. I don't think it's practical to apply bronzer with this though. It's better to use a brush.This is the colour. Urgh my camera didn't capture the colour right.


  1. I just bought that elf concealer/highlighter duo in medium, actually! Have you had a chance to use it yet?

    I'm switching from a concealer stick to this because I heard it's better form your skin. Also, the stick doesn't work well haha.

  2. I have yet to try it yet. From reviews I have heard it's doesn't help much if you have intense dark eye circles and it tends to fade after awhile.

    Let me give it a try first so I can give you a good review on it :)