Saturday, July 3, 2010

Trick on the Kitty

There's a Japanese food fair below the place where I have the classes.
Japanese food packagings are seriously cute! like super!
I didn't want to rip the top at first, because look at it, so cute. I just want to keep it.Even the plastic packaging inside is cute =0

Stop by Guardian again, this time to pick up the Nivea's Lip Care Strawberry
the picture's quality is a little blur, there's no macro setting on my phone camera.
Here's the colour, it gives the slightest tint of red. Barely visible.

I stop by Watson for awhile and Majorlica Majorca's Majolook Trick On Eye Palette caught my eye again.

The truth is I always wanted one but I never got myself to buy them because they are amazingly expensive for drugstore eyeshadow palette.

More expensive than Revlon's colorstay eyeshadow quads, I think.

It cost RM53.90 on usual, which is about USD15.60? A bit steep for a drugstore palette.

Here's the swatch for the set I got. BR751.

Pigmentation is superb, that's one swipe across. The texture is buttery smooth, it glides on like butter. The colours are all shimmery, I like!

This one's BR742. The brownish-black is a little gritty, maybe it's just the tester's issue.

Now for the real deal.

I don't know it's my Watson's or what. Look at the manufacturing date. Apparently all the palette on the counter are produced around this time.Also, I don't think powder products really expire.

Look at the price, such a turn off right?

It is wrapped nicely in this plastic box. all sealed up.

Such wonderfully cute packaging and really sleek. It can certainly be thrown in your purse.

Look at the colours. Aren't they just gorgeous?
There's a gold, taupe, dark brown with silver shimmers and pale pink with pinkish-purple shimmers.

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