Friday, July 16, 2010

mail order lens

more lenses. I just received another one from the mail yesterday.

Geo's Angel Brown.

I bought it because my old ones tore.
I love the Geo Angel's designs anyway. They are cute.

I also accidentally tore my grey ones. I have to reorder that colour too.


  1. Have you tried them on yet? I hear mixed reviews about how comfortable GEO lenses can be. D:

  2. Yes I tried them before.
    For me, they are pretty comfortable, so far no irritation.
    It is not advisable to wear it more than 7-8 hours though. By then it starts to get try and can irritate your eyes if you have sensitive eyes.

  3. I wear normal clear contacts, andI actually payed a bit extra for a brand that has a higher oxygenation level. So I can literally sleep in them (I wouldn't advise that but theoretically I can.) But I've let to buy colored contacts or circle lenses. I've never had comfort issues w/ my clear lenses so I just like I get different opinions really. ^^;; Thanks for all your helpful reviews!