Sunday, July 4, 2010

Let's shopping!

Let's shopping with moi!

A supermarket near my house is moving so, there's clearance sale. Even so, it's not like darn cheap. Just marked down by a few bucks.

The insane amount of body wash me and my mum picked up.Dove's go fresh. I love their scents.
Clean & Clear Clear Fairness Moisturizer.This has SPF in it. If you are lazy to apply sunblock. Go get this moisturizer. Now.

Had a massive shopping today. ♥♥My eye make of the day. I was in a rush so my bottom lashes are nekkid =(
My makeup bag. Later I will show what junk are there.

Had subway for lunch. Chicken Terriyaki. Yum.

Etude House was having their sales and today is the last day.I stopped by to check out anything I should get. Gosh I always stop by at Etude House.I picked up a shimmer powder and an eyeshadow.

A fast swatch of the shimmer powder.So gorgeous. I got this for 50% off.

The eyeshadow's colour. Japanese and Korean cosmetics like to name their products using numbers.It's a very pretty taupe.
Quick swatch. The eyeshadow was on 20% off.

And there's the rabbit headband trend. I ended up buying the headband eventhough I doubt I won't use it much. This is how it looks on my head, ignore my face.

I bought more clothes.I got this from a random shop. Ain't it so cute. It's darn warm to wear it on normal outings.

This top is from Code Pink. Floral, springy.... It's pretty.

This dress is from the same shop which I got the jacket. one word : cute.

Me with the jacket.

Stopped by Daiso to get their Charcoal cream cleansers. They are dirt cheap and they work well.

This is what's in my makeup bag. It's not always the same things in it.I only bring along cosmetics that can be touched up easily.

My two trustee brush. Coastal Scents Italian Badger Angled Blush Brush and Keli Kabuki Brush.

I will do a outfit of the day post in the next post and also my new hair.

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