Saturday, May 13, 2017

Roseroseshop haul

I picked up a few items from Roseroseshop few months ago. I just completely forgot to blog about them.

I got these three items. Definitely cut down a lot.
I had to convince myself not to overbuy.
Korean cosmetics brand are very good at attracting hopeless people like us with all the cute and pretty packaging. It's very dangerous for my bank account.

Etude House Bling Me Prism Liquid Lip
This is a limited edition from Etude House's last year summer collection.

PK 001 Star in Pink

It is a wearable bright neon pink.

Etude House Dreaming Swan Eye & Cheek

When I saw the preview of this collection, I wanted the whole collection badly but in the end, I was late in placing my order because I can't seem to find a seller who carries this line. This collection sold like hot cakes in Korea, I would understand it would be very difficult for sellers to even get stocks.

Anyway, I am happy that I managed to get something from the collection.
Look at the packaging, it's so pretty.

The shade I have got is Jete Pink.
It is a soft pink shade. This shade is very flattering on fair skintones, it can never be over done.

The last item is from Missha.
If you are familiar with the messaging app LINE, I am sure you know where this bear is from.
So, Missha had a LINE collaboration and they had quite a few items in this collaboration.

This is the Missha LINE friends tension blusher.
The shade I have bought is VL01. It is a lilac shade. I personally like lilac shades because it brightens up yellow skintone.

The packaging is so cute but what really made me got it is that it is a tension blusher. A tension cushion blusher is different from a cushion blush in the way instead of the product being soaked in a sponge, the cream product sits under a netting. I haven't tried any product like this before, so I am really intrigued. Even though I know it might end up being one of those gimmicky products.
Please prove me wrong Missha. 

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