Monday, May 8, 2017

Beauty and consumerism.

With the constant releases and introducing of new beauty launches and trends and glorifying of them by beauty youtubers or "gurus", it can be said that the beauty world has taken a tremendous step in the promotion of consumerism.

Beauty world is not like the beauty world we used to know. Where brands will only be releasing their latest collection every season and Vogue magazine will be the front liner in filtering and introducing the products in their publishes. As opposed to what we see now. New releases every week.
Beauty youtuber and "guru" hyping high and low on new products before they are even launched to create the great hype. Also that "limited edition" trick that has been overused that you don't even know which is limited edition and which isn't.

When I  first started following youtube, I was one of those girls who got swept along the wave, I caught on every hype and I was spending big money on items that youtubers rave and hype about, but as time goes by, I find everything to be really overwhelming and suffocating.
Trends changes and new beauty releases come out so fast that you can't catch up with it and also, you do not have the disposable income to be hoping on every single "trendy" product.
Beauty launches are getting more and more gimmicky and some launches are the same old things over and over again.
How much innovation and creativity can be put into a launch when the turnover is lightning fast. Every few weeks there are new launches, new releases.

With this trend of consumerism, it's definitely great for companies, they are earning the big bucks.

But for us, the consuming end, we end up with truck load of untouched or barely used makeup product because they are not 'trendy' anymore, they are something you would not reach out on a daily basis, you have the similar shade or they are just not practical for everyday use.
If you take your time and slowly calculate through the amount of barely used/untouched makeup, the amount of money spent is large and imagine how much money you would have saved if you practice smart consumerism and not get swept by trend or hype.
Also, imagine how much waste we had produced.
Take a moment and imagine what if there are a million of girls like you with the same amount of barely touched/ untouched makeup. That mountain of waste, how many gallons of waste will that be equivalent to. 

I was going through my vanity and I was woken up by the fact that I have so many items but how many of these items I actually use or will reach out to? I myself know that I would only probably use 10% of the items I own.
The rest? "beautiful trash". That's what I call them.

I know it's very contraindicating for me to do a post as such, since I do do and post a lot of haul. Mindless haul post I would say.
Haul post that I have been posting are my past haul that I have saved in my draft for ages and forgetting to post them.
I have been cutting down massively on my hauls and I have been controlling my purchases.
I am really thriving to be a smart consumer. Purchase things that I really need or really love. I do not want materialistic items to overtake my life and drown me in. 

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