Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Around Malaysia : Cameron Highlands

This was a spontaneous trip. Since we were at Ipoh, we thought why not drive up to Cameron Highlands since it takes only an hour to get up there.
We drove up to Cameron via Brinchang which is the less dangerous route to take and the nearest from Ipoh.

We went up the highlands late in the afternoon so we ended up not doing much at the highlands. All we did was visit the tea planatation.

It took about 30-45 minutes to drive into the tea plantation from Brinchang. It's much nearer if you are coming in from Tanah Rata.

We visited the cafe to grab some drinks and desserts. We were lucky that we managed the cafe because we were there an hour before the closing time.

There are a good selection of tea or infused tea drinks and also cakes and pastries.
The cakes are made infused with the tea from the plantation. It's quite unique and special to them.

We ordered iced milk tea, strawberry tart and boh tea infused cotton cheese cake.

I do not know if it's tastebuds trciking me but I can't taste or even smell the tea in the cheese cake. It's like a regular cotton cake. Even the cheese tasted so faint.
It was disappointing.

Nothing we ordered was notable.

Walking down to the plantation from the cafe to get some pictures but the view here isn't so great because there are trees blocking the view of the valley of tea.

It's too far to walk into the plantation for great view and it isn't safe to walk into the deeper parts of the plantation since you do not know if there are any creepers hiding in the bushes.

While driving out from the plantation, I did manage to stop the car by at the side to catch a great picture.

This portion is a few minutes drive from the cafe area , the view is much more magnificent without any distractions. Just purely tea valley.

Actually it was about to rain, I am glad I managed to get this shot before the rain started pouring. We got a few drops of rain on us but nothing major.
We left as fast as we could to counter the dark clouds but unfortunately the clouds got to us before we managed to arrive on flat land.
We had to drive through the rain through the slopes and sharp turnings down the Ipoh. It was really scary experience but glad we had a professional driver with us.

We managed to arrive back to Ipoh safely at the end of the day.

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