Friday, April 28, 2017

Storytime : Criss cross parcel

Just not too long ago, I experienced what people would call horror if you are an avid online shopper. A criss crossed parcel. Receiving a parcel that's not yours and someone else receiving your parcel.

It started out with me ordering an item from a website called on one very fine day. I have ordered from this site for as long as I have known this site, maybe almost 4-5 years and I have never experienced any bad service from their courier service which is Qexpress and Skynet (in Malaysia). It is my first time experiencing such a mistake from them.

Actually I am not even frustrated because mistake like this do happen.
When I knew the parcel was not mine. I contacted the seller and Qexpress as there were no invoice in the parcel so I could not contact the owner. The seller and Qexpress did reply me very promptly on the issue. Later on, they diverted the issue to Skynet.
So after that Skynet did all the investigation and they did enquire me about the parcel I was holding in hand. They asked for pictures of the condition of the parcel and how they are finding the other person who was holding on to the parcel and they will the one incharge retrieving the parcel back and sending it back to the respective owner.

I kept the parcel I received in order.  Yes, I did open the box because the name on the parcel was to me and I thought it was mine till I open the box up and saw the items were not mine. I did not remove any bubble wrap or packaging from the parcel and kept it the state as how I received it.

What had angered me the most was when they found the person who was holding my parcel.
So, let's call her Mrs. N and her daughter.
Mrs N. called my mum to deliver her parcel back when we already had Skynet involved in this and she has the nerves to call my mum to deliver her parcel her?
My mum was involved in this because I got the parcel sent to her office.

We ignored her plea and we said we are going to let Skynet collect the parcel from me to be delivered to you. Simple as that.

So, when I got my items in a plastic bag instead my box, I wasn't too happy. When I opened it, to my disgust, my items has been opened. It's pretty obvious to tell that a foundation has been used.
I contacted Mrs. N telling her why was she using my items. I did it out of frustration but I don't think anyone could keep their chill.
I was disappointed that Skynet did not check the items thoroughly too. They did ask me for pictures regarding the condition of the person's items and I wondered why couldn't they do the same to mine.

Mrs. N replied that on the day she received the parcel, she gave it straight away to her daughter before her daughter left to other states and she confirmed that her daughter did not touch the items. She kept defending her daughter.
If her daughter did not touch my items why was it opened and used? It can't be the delivery man trying to open and use my stuffs while returning it back to me.
Why did she removed the bubble wrap and threw the box away because you could already see the item is not yours?

I know how protective mothers can be but it is wrong to defend her daughter for what she has done.
Maybe I went overboard with accusing her daughter but all I wanted was an honest apology and maybe some solution.

If the item is not yours, do not alter any shape or form of the condition you have received the item and leave it as it is and get to the the courier company.
Also, to parents, do not defend your child if they have done anything wrong, tell them to apologize, teach them the right way. 

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