Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Aliexpress haul #5

I did another Aliexpress haul but this time around the haul isn't big.

I picked up two boxes of lashes and some flash tattoo.

Holiday season is here, it's time to have fun and try out some flash tattoo. I know they are like the hottest thing last summer, I am just very late on the bandwagon.

They came really crumpled but thank goodness nothing happened to the tattoos.
I paid really cheap for them, if I am not wrong less than a dollar each.
I really like the dream catcher design. Also, turquoise and gold look really good together. Maybe it is just me but turquoise and gold just reminds me so much of Greece. It might just the bracelet I got from Greece. It's turquoise and gold.

I bought two boxes of lashes.
I bought the same design awhile ago and I really love them. These lashes are really natural and beautiful, they look like my lashes but better (is there a term like this or I just made it up). The previous one, I got them in a black band and I don't really like the black band too much, so, I went back to get the clear ones.
These are 8mm long, they are great for Asian eyes. They are just the perfect length.
I have tried the 10mm ones, I find them too long if I go for a more natural makeup look but these, they will look good with minimal makeup too.

That's all I got for this time around.It's pretty tiny. I will have another round of Aliexpress items coming to me. 

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