Thursday, April 6, 2017

Around Malaysia : Ipoh, Day 1 + 2

Ipoh bound to visit a friend who is currently posted there. 

Drove all the way there. 
It took us about 3 hours to get there, so it wasn't too bad of a drive. 

We started out journey at 9am, arrived about 12pm.

The first day there was basically eat, eat and eat. 
We didn't do anything really interesting besides eating. 

Our first stop is Lou Wong restaurant. It is a famous Ipoh bean sprout chicken rice shop. 
The restaurant is so packed despite it was late afternoon-ish. 

I totally forgot to take picture of the chicken. 
We were totally famished. 

I think that's all for day one. 
We ended the day with a movie. We watched Star Wars : Rouge One. 

The next day we started our day with food again. 
Half boiled eggs on toast. One of favourite type of breakfast.

Yoo tiao with Coconut jam. 

After awhile we went for Dim Sum.
I wasn't joking when i said it is going to be food overloaded. 
We went to this oh so famous dim sum restaurant called Foh San. 

To be honest, I find the dim sum to be totally average. It's so overrated, not to mention it is pretty pricey. 


After our quick morning tea/lunch, we headed down to Kek Lok Tong. 
It is a Chinese temple inside a limestone cave. 

After visiting the cave we had this crazy idea and we drove to Cameron Highlands which is about an hour drive from Ipoh. I will keep the post about Cameron Highlands in another post since it is not Ipoh. 

At night, my friend took us to a nice American pizzeria - MichelangelO's Pizzeria. 
This place serves nice oven baked pizza. Hot from the furnace. 

Definitely one of the best pizza I have tried in Malaysia. 
The pizza is so flavourful, there is so much topping (they aren't stingy with their toppings) and each bite is so cheesy. 

We ended the night by visiting the hot spring at Lost World of Tambun since our friend lives nearby. 
We did not pay much for the hot spring since there was an offer for it if you go at night. 

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