Thursday, September 1, 2016

Eating out Malaysia : Zang Toi Cafe

My friends and I decided to have a chat and high tea session in a secluded cafe - West 57th Street cafe or more known as Zang Toi cafe in a departmental store of a mall (Parkson of Pavillion)

I was taken away by the interior of the cafe.
The cafe is named after the headquarters of the House of Toi which West 57th Street New York.
Mr. Zang is a well known Malaysian fashion designer and this cafe is styled after his own apartment in New York.

Definitely very elegant and chic. I am in love with the silver and black combination.

Since it was a high tea session. We did not order any a la carte. We just had drinks and desserts.

Zang Toi Tea Punch.
My friend has visited the cafe a few times and she recommended the tea punch. She definitely did not make the wrong recommendation.
The punch taste so good/ It has the right amount of sweetness with a fragrant kick of fruitiness.

Pandan and Banana Cream Cheese Cake.
What a combination.. I have never tried a cake with such a combination that I thought it would not taste good but to my surprise I like this cake.
This is the cake I enjoyed the most out of all the cakes we ordered.

Lime Tea Cake.
This is just your basic tea cake. There's nothing too special about it.

Banana Chocolate Cake.
It's well banana chocolate cake. I can't say more about it.

Having a brand name punched to the cafe, one would expected that food would be expensive but to our surprise it is quite affordable. No extravagant price tag.
They carry an affordable lunch menu too.

Also, with its classy and chic interior it looks like a cafe that would serve classy Western cuisines but they do carry along authentic local cuisine such as the Hainanese Chicken Chop and Nasi Lemak. The menu is a toss between Western and Local cuisine. When west meets east.

Overall, I really enjoy the ambiance of the cafe. The Pandan and Banana Cream Cheese Cake and Tea Punch is enjoyable. I will visit the cafe again to try out their a la carte.

This is a little random but I want to mention that I got myself a pair of Zang Toi flats.
I freaking love this pair of flats. It is just so gorgeous with the silver beads details.

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