Thursday, September 8, 2016

Eating out Malaysia : The Loaf

When I am back in Malaysia, I just could not resist going into any bakery. Just any. I just like the texture of bread in Malaysia more than here in Moscow. I favour my bread to be flavourful and soft.

My first experience with The Loaf was in Langkawi and during that time it was the only The Loaf store in Malaysia. After a few years, I have noticed that the bakery started to pick up and opening branches all over Malaysia.
Now, in most shopping malls, you will pass by The Loaf store somehow. It is very hard to miss. It is no more a rarity.

My dad used to work near a shopping mall then. So during the weekends, he would take us out to the shopping mall for some family time. And I, would pop into The Loaf to satisfy my cravings for bread.

The Loaf have a great variety of bread of choose from.
My favourite would be the Oyaki. It is the bread that I have to order everytime I visit The Loaf.
The best thing it comes in many flavours. 

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