Sunday, September 4, 2016

Diet updates (after so long)

I was a chubby baby but an average child. I was pretty thin around 7 to 9 years old until puberty hit me.  I ate way too much during puberty thinking that I will outgrow the baby fats. I would eat two Filet O Fish Burgers and then go for a bowl of porridge and still be half full. My favourite 'fast meal' of those days is baked potato with cheese and egg and I would eat it for almost every lunch. With my habit of eating my weight escalated quickly and I became the chubby one in class. At 156cm I was 64kg when I was 12 years old.
I became a subject of bully because of my weight but I did not care about my weight that much. After I left primary school, I carried on my bad eating habits till secondary school. My weight remain stagnant at the high 60s till the mid 70s. I thought it was alright because I didn't gain weight, I didn't hit the 80s, I wasn't in the 100s, I am just overweight. I also thought I would outgrow my weight by growing taller. Through the years I grew 9cm taller but didn't make any difference to my stature and also overweight body.
During my secondary years, when I did my body checkup. I remember how nurses told me to lose some weight because I was actually overweight. My BMI was in the overweight category.
Still, I didn't take it too seriously but I did tried cut down some of my food portion hoping the weight would magically go away and it did not last long. I am back with my old habits, eating away. This habit did carried through to my college and university years. I did not weigh my weight then but I think I was about 72-74kg at that time.

During my third year in university, I did a weight check for a BMI and metabolism calculation for a class. My weight was shockingly 69kg. I knew if I do not do something, my weight is going to remain like this for the rest of my life and It is really unhealthy. I am going to remain chubby and I would not be able to have a nice body to wear pretty clothes and bikini for the rest of my life.

I decided to diet and I did document the diet journeys in this blog.

Looking back at my old diet post. I realize how unhealthy I am despite trying to be healthy.

Here are the old diet updates. #1 , #2 , #3 and #4 . Well the updates didn't last long because I was too lazy to update on what I eat weekly on the blog.
I thought I was healthy by cutting down the amount I eat, well, it is much lesser than how much I used to eat circa 2010 but the calorie intake is still way too high compared to how much I actually need daily since those days I do not exercise or workout or play any sports. Basically, I was a couch potato.
I used to not count calories too, I just eat what I feel like eating by reducing portion by half or what I think is reduced portion size. I still ate like crazy, munching on junk food almost daily ,I still do it till today but I am more cautious. I used to be able to finish a whole pack of potato chips, wafer or biscuits and call it just a snack. That's like probably a whopping 500 calories extra each day and 30% of my needed calorie intake for the day and I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner like a king. I used to eat one cup of cooked rice, that probably 700 calories and I do eat side dishes.
Even so, I did lose a tiny bit of weight during that year, probably only 1-2kg for the year. I did cut down from where I use to stand, probably around 160lbs or so.

Until now, after 4 years, I am still on my weight loss journey but I have got closer to my goal weight than ever. In this journey there were lots of up and downs. Looking back, I am more proud than ever to say I have did it.
I am still not the most healthy of person, I don't practice full clean eating.I still eat unhealthy food such as potato chips, cake, ice cream but all in moderation and only on days where I declare cheat meal day.

I have been more cautious with calories by logging in everything I put into my mouth into myfitnesspal and I choose the healthiest cooking method for my food by either baking or steaming or boiling them.
Also, I workout and exercise almost everyday when I can slot time to workout. Mainly cardio infused with bodyweight training for weight loss and build some muscles.
Cautiously counting on calories and working out really helped me become leaner and shed some pounds.

Now I weight about 125-127lbs. My goal weight is 114-116lbs.

Photos of me circa 2011-2012

Circa 2014 when I started to see myself losing the weight. My cheeks are not so fat as how it was before. Fats usually accumulate at my face when I gain weight.

Circa 2015. My weight has been the same but I can how my cheeks are not as fat anymore. I do not know is it the process of losing baby fat or all those work out has been paying off. I could feel my body is more toned.

Circa 2016
Through out 2014-2016, my weight has remained the same but I could even see the difference. Even, people have been complementing I have lost a lot of weight compared to 2 years ago when my weight has been the same.

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