Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Bangkok haul : Beauty Edition

If you are a shopaholic like me, Bangkok is definitely a great city to visit.
This time I have bought so many things back from Bangkok ranging from an array of beauty products to clothing items and not to forget food items too. 

Thai has a lot to offer in terms of the beauty department, from their local beauty brands to imported beauty brands from Korea and Japan that can't be found at our shore. 
The Thais take beauty very seriously. When I was in Bangkok I could hardly find young Thai girls without atleast a bit of makeup! They make it a habit to look presentable and good all time. 

Here's my haul. I mostly did my shopping at Beauty Cottage, Beauty Buffet, Watsons and also 7 Eleven.
Who thought that we could get cosmetics from 7 Eleven. 

Let's start out with the mask I bought from Beauty Buffet.

Beauty Buffet is a local beauty store. 
The one I visited is slightly small, it is the one located at Siam BTS. 

I got myself the Raspberry Yoghurt Pack, Avocado Yoghurt Pack and Whitening Facial Mask. 
Thais are really into whitening, whitening products are just everywhere. 
The Raspberry Yoghurt pack is for pore minimizing whereas the Avocado is for brightening. 
All three mask smelled so good and delicious. 

Next is a Premium Milk Honey Sleeping Mask from Beauty Cottage and Cathy Doll Snail Bright Snail Whitening Cream.

Beauty Cottage is also a local beauty store just like Beauty Buffet. The store design is really cute, it has a cute vintage feel to it. 
Cathy Doll is also a local beauty brand and its products are very readily accessible. You can get this brand from Karmart, Watsons, 7 Eleven or some local beauty store. 

The packaging of the products are really cute and fun looking. 

Cathy Doll Whitening sunscreen

I am an avid sunscreen user and it wouldn't hurt if I purchase more sunscreens especially when they are so affordable. I got mine from 7 Eleven and it is not the full size but I much prefer the mini size. It makes carrying around much easier. 
I bought it mainly because it says it is Thailand's no.1 local whitening sunscreen. 
Let's see if it lives up to its claims. 

It comes with a sample of the AA Matte Powder Cushion in shade #23. 
I do not know if I would use it since #23 might be too dark for me. I usually use a #21 or even #13. 

The packaging so the sunscreen is so cute with the pinks and polka dots. It looks like a handcream more than a sunscreen. 

Srichand Translucent Powder. 

This brand has been around for ages. It is a cult favourite for the Thai ladies. 
This brand had a revamp to attract the younger generation and yes, the packaging's vintage influence is really beautiful and it does attract me, I am sure the revamp is a good one since it attracted me and will attract packaging junkies. 

I got mine from 7 Eleven and I am kinda sure it isn't the full size since it does look small. 
I have so many powders, it is way better for me to grab the mini size since I would never be able to finish the whole tub of powder anyways. 

This is an eyeshadow from Beauty Cottage. The box packaging is just so cute and girly. 

The shade is Red Apricot. 
I really like the texture upon swatching it in the store. It is pretty smooth and buttery and it has a great price tag too. 

This is the Macaroon Eyeshadow from Beauty Buffet. I bought this mainly because it is just too cute to resist. 

The shade is Vanilla. It is a versatile off white cream shade that works great as a base shade. 

I know I am gonna get a lot of hate for getting a replica but I don't mind as the product is good quality. 
I got this from Platinum Mall. I was swatching some replica at the booth and oh my, this highlighter is just to gorgeous. The pigmentation is great, it is smooth and buttery. 

I own the original Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator and I would say the quality is about there, it is not as good as the original but for less than a fraction of the price, I would say it is very good. 

This does not come with a shade name. It is closest to Starlight but it is slightly darker and the shimmers are not as fine. 

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