Friday, September 9, 2016

Travel Diary in UK : Manchester : A day trip

From Edinburgh we took a night bus to Manchester. It is a day trip to Manchester, we will be leaving to Birmingham at night.
Clad in our last night's outfits and dirty unwashed hair, we headed to Manchester.

For my luggages, I left in a friends' house. She was studying at Manchester at that time.

First stop, is Manchester's Chinatown for some food hunting.
We were starving since the last time we ate was last night at Edinburgh.

What's better than a buffet. Free flow of food.
Good for the hungry wolves like us and it's a great deal since this will be our only meal for the day.

We were surprised by the selection of food in the buffet. There is just too many to choose from rice to noodles to meat dishes, vegetables, desserts varying from herbal jelly, cakes, fruits, tarts, also, soups.
This is one section of the food available.

My friend's meat platter

After our meal, we headed to Old Trafford for the Manchester United Arena.

We just had a quick photo session around the arena and did some souvenir shopping.

I got a metal tumbler with signatures of the current players of that time.

We head back to my friend's place after the arena visit for a quick bath and head to the bus station to Birmingham. 

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