Monday, December 24, 2012

Body Shop Christmas buy

Merry Christmas Eve!

TheBodyShop is having a christmas sale up to 50% off, there are lots of things I still wanna try from the TheBodyShop thus, I took this chance and got a few items.

My items are all on 30% off.

Tea Tree oil, Tea tree skin clearing lotion and Vitamin E Illuminating moisture cream.

I'm still finding a cure for my problematic skin and at the same time trying to cure my dry skin.

My friends who have used this tea tree range has raved about the products, so I picked out some to try, the lotion and the oil.
I got sold by the word "skin clearing" for the lotion.
I used to use tea tree oil to cure minor breakouts but I left it for my sister to use at home. 

It comes in a 50ml squeeze tube which is really hygienic.
From what I had tested, the lotion is really light weight and it doesn't feel greasy at all. It absorbs into the skin really fast.
Great for those with oily skin.

Tea Tree Oil comes in tiny amount of 10ml.
10ml last for a long time for tea tree oil unless you are splashing it all over your face which is a must not because tea tree does dry out the skin.
Just dab it on huge acne and it will sort of subside the acne but won't completely disappear it. Nothing is a magic potion. 

Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream.
Despite having some breakouts, my skin is actually very dry. I had tried the Vitamin E facial oil, so far, I had seen some improvement on my dry skin. 
So I also opted to get the moisture cream. I chose the illuminating one because I am into everything that gives me a healthy glow.
A glowy skin gives the illumination of a healthy skin. 

It is a pink cream with subtle shimmers. 

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