Sunday, December 2, 2012

Acne Talk

Finally bought a temporary laptop to use over here till I go back home to get a better new laptop.
So I am back full force.

This December, I wanna tackle an issue faced by most. Acne.

I don't have the most perfect skin but I grew up having pretty much the perfect skin, when people started to have their pimples at 12-15, I am pretty much the one with fair clear skin. I thought it was in my genes for not having acne since my mum said she never broke out in her life, but till I was 16 where I started to break out at my forehead. Just my forehead, nowhere else.

That time I wasn't too worried about it I thought it would fade away as a grow older, but I did try my best to eliminate them all.
First I tried to follow a regime I found online, I used Cetaphile Face Cleanser, Alcohol-free toner and Oil-free moisturizer and also applying all sorts to topical creams on the acne areas, I tried from Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid and the also antibiotics - Streptomycin.
Streptomycin was a wonder it eliminated most of my forehead acne and by the time I was 18, it pretty much was all gone.

I was happy.

I has been some time since I posted an FOTD, why?

I have to announce, I broke out again. From my standard, it is pretty bad, although most told me it is fine.
I broke out at my cheeks area, a place that I never had pimples before in my whole entire 21 years of life.
I find this really depressing and I just have no mood to do anything to my face other than saving it with lots of skincare, now most of my money goes to skincare.
I hardly spend on makeup anymore since I hardly use them since the break out.

What is worse, it is that cheek acne leaves scars.
I have some pitted scares on my face now.

Here are some pictures in HD.
I never took pictures of my skin in HD before so beware what you are gonna see.

My terrible left cheek where most pimples started. It has pretty much calmed down since it started in September. 
This is considered the better days of my skin.
As you can there is a stubborn red spot which refuses to go off with lots of hyperpigmentation around.
There are some scars here but it is not really that visible.

My right cheek, also the better cheek.
There is a few breakouts in this side of the cheek but nothing too major. One of the pimples left a scar.
I think you can see the scar if you look closely into the picture.

My skin as of today,
but I think it got more blemished after washing and my itchy hands picking.
I must always remind myself not to pick my face!
Never pick your acne!
not a pretty sight as the skin started to flake due to my topical medications but it did help a lot in drying up all  most of the pimples.
Lots of hyperpigmentation on my skin.

My face routine now is pretty intensive with all kinds of essence and serum.
I also apply all kinds of topical cream on my face which had made my face VERY flaky.
I can literally peel the dry skin off my face but to get rid of my pimples, I am willing to go through this phase.

I apply Nixoderm (which is an ointment with benzoic acid, salicylic acid and precipated sulfur  I consider this the most potent cream of all), Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid and Tea Tree solution.
and I always apply sunscreen/sunblock before I go out eventhough it is winter, I just don't wanna risk my hyperpigmentation getting darker.

The suncreen I use is the Biore UV Aqua Rich SPF50+ PA +++ or Etude House Glow Base Sunguard SPF36PA++.

I hope that my skin can calm down before next year.
I will post my skincare routine soon.

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