Sunday, March 27, 2011

My take on Essence.

Just a small loot and plus a little review about some Essense product.

Essense lash & brow gel mascara.

For me there's no point in getting an expensive clear mascara. Glad that I found this in the nearby beauty store.
It does tame unruly brows. I havent test its testing power since I just got it awhile ago.
This cost 109 rubles.

Now on to something I would fail.

Essense eyebrow designer in light brown.
It has shimmers. Who would want to have eyebrows with glitters and shimmers.
It didnt have tester so purchased without knowing the quality of it.
It doesn't have good staying power too, it dissapears upon rubbing.

A little swatch. You could see the shimmers.

Since it fails as an eyebrow pencil. I am gonna use it as an eyeliner and see how it works.
It cost 89 rubles.
Also, got a sharpener. Cost 61.50 rubles.
Left mine all the way back at home.
Pink and compact. Isn't it cute?

That's all I got from there. Next I am eying Bourjois.

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