Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blooming secret

Style of the day, switched to a more spring style, light denim, denim headband, pastel colours but still sticking to jeans as wind is still so strong . Feels like sea breeze.
Pardon the sides, that's the only mirror in my hostel room
Top : Topshop
Jeans : Zara
Hairband : Chameleon

A mini loot from Diva, just rings.
It's on buy one free one, the large one is too big for me but still so pretty and the only price that matches the owl ring.

Owl ring on my finger. Actually this is loose too but there's no size small.

"Diamond" ring on my finger. Very big for my finger

On the side note, I finally settled for a Jill Stuart blush.
Instead of getting the Mix Blush I got the Blush Blossom. Reason being, it's more pigmented, it's in loose form, so I won't be reluctant to brush on the pretty surface and not use the blush.

It's also slighter cheaper than the Mix Blush from the dealer (it's a pre-order from Taiwan, Taiwan has the best price for Jill Stuart. ). Rm159 (USD52) compared to mix blush's RM169 (USD55). Pretty hefty for blush prices.

Here's how the Blush Blossom looks like.
The colour I settled for is Romantic Sweet Pea, the colour at the most left.

The packaging,
Comes with a free brush with a really cute bow attached to it.

I won't be able to take a proper picture and swatch them until I go back to Malaysia =(

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