Thursday, March 17, 2011

A little update on super mini haul

Hauling temptation. I just bought two lip pencils from Cherry Culture eventhough I wont be seeing the goods until I go to back Malaysia in June or so. I hope even faster!
There's just no interesting and very few selections of makeup in Russia. The only brands I get interested in is just Bourjois and Max Factor. The rest? Bleh.

Even their skincare selection is so scarce. This is pretty sad.

Bought a few stuffs over the beauty store, really little.

First is this Retsenti babooshki Agafi cream for face.

I got so excited when I saw the first snow fall. Hoping winter would come fast so I could witness a winter wonderland.
As winter pass by, a lot of unpleasant things came. My skin on my face is cracking and peeling and I can't find an instant relief for it, not even the Hada Labo Hyaluronic range. It work if used long term but not an immediate relief for this dry winter in Russia.
Thus, I picked up this cheap cream. Cost around 20+rubles which is less than 1USD.
So far it is diminishing the cracks around a little but let's see how this thing keeps up.
It doesnt really have a scent, there's a really really faint fresh scent. It's good.

and also a lip balm. Not much lip balm selection despite being a cold land.
Just settle for this Nivea lipbalm. Milk and Honey scent.

That's all I got for this few weeks. Seriously there's nothing to hype me up to really haul.

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