Sunday, March 6, 2011

Reason I am addicted to Jpop

People always ask me why am I so addicted to Jpop.
Here's my reason.
Jpop is something I can grow old with. When I was younger during my high school days, I listen mostly to boyband, well teeny boopers and catchy songs do catch us. I listen to sons without bothering understanding the meaning.

As I grew older, I start to divert from boybands, listening to rock bands (not Visual Kei type) and solo artist because I realize many of them have good lyrics, which actually make the song memorable. Well some artist and most rockbands are singers-songwriters, so when a singer sings a song which he/she composes,there's a different power in it. It is because the artist understands the lyrics and it came from the artist's heart. Does not apply to artist who does crappy lyrics.What's the point of listening to a catchy song when the lyrics is pointless. Maybe it could catch your ear at first, later it will get old and you won't bother about it anymore because there's nothing that makes it really memorable.

It's amazing how sometimes certain songs touches deep into me. Not lyrics like boys loses girl and goes berserk or teaching girls how to get boys with pretty makeup, pastel nails and gorgeous curls.

At the same time I also discover diversity, I can choose from a range of pop, rock, pop-opera, celtic, folk, enka, r&b etc. depending on what I feel like listening to.

That's the reason why I remained loyal to Jpop all these years.

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