Monday, March 28, 2011

Dreaming Rose

Finally got my first Bourjois blush which I have been eying for a long time.

I got mine in the colour #34 Rose D'or.

Here how the colour in the pan looks like under natural lighting.
It's a medium pink with an amount of gold shimmers.
Absolutely gorgeous.

It comes with a brush which I think is pretty useless and it is a little poky.
I would recommend you to use your own blush brush.

A swatch of the blush. Under natural lighting.
It is just only one swipe. Could you see how pigmented it is?
People said it is comparable to the Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush since Bourjois is the sister company of Chanel.
I do not how are they comparable since I haven't really tried the Chanel blushes except for swatching them. The only difference I have felt is, Chanel's blushes are softer to the touch.

I also heard these blushes harden over time. I guess you have to really take good care of it by not letting any sebum get on the powder or else, get ready to scrap of the top to be able to use it again!

It is definitely worth trying but not a must get.
It cost 369rubles (About USD13 and RM39)


  1. I love this blush! I think it has a really great smell too.

  2. SO far after a few tries, I pretty much like this blush
    I like the colour a lot, the scent doesnt bother me at all =)