Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fire outbreak

A fire broke out yesterday in my dorm at 3am. To make it worse, it started at my floor.

Since we were half dozed off, we didnt heard the start of it. Later on, we heard loud banging on our doors, as if hooligans were gonna dismantle our unit's door any moment. Well, I was too afraid to open the door because at first I thought it was a huge fight because the banging was accompanied by breaking of glass.

My brave unit mate who was the only not asleep bravely went to open the door. Then immediately awaken the half asleep me and my roommate and said there was a fire and we had to get out as fast as possible.
Me who still remembered the fire escape routine, was trying to save all my important documents and even my laptop and handphone but I was alerted, I suppose one of the student body, well the student president stays beside me if I am not mistaken, to forget all those things for now and just run down.
In the end, I just took a winter jacket, laptop and my handphone. I even forgot all about my spectacles.

It was like a nightmare in the corridor. Thick and choking smell of smoke, barely visible sight due to the thickness of the smoke and we ran down.

I had a moment of hypothermia downstairs, I was shivering quite badly. Thank goodness for a kind senior loaning a jacket to me. I ran with slippers in the snow and under subzero temperature to the next building .

It took about an hour plus or so to clear up the whole situation. No casualties and just only one room burnt down. The rest are all fine except everything smells like smoke now.

What an experience.

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