Thursday, February 10, 2011

classes classes classes

It has to be after the break. Well the temperature in Moscow just have to drop after the break.
This morning I woke up I was feeling a little cold, when to check on the temperature and it was -12degree celcius and throughout the week the temperature would be hitting at -20degree celcius lowest.

Also, it was snowing heavier than usual for the past two days.

Had my first Histology class on Wednesday.
The microscopes are older than expected, instead of a light source attached the microscope. They use white light and mirror.
Maybe it is greener this way and more economical.

We learnt only about stains for the first lesson, nothing much. Glad my teacher was not the rumoured devil who gives a hard time to students.

A picture of the slide through the microscope. Not as clear as expected as I was using my phone camera, forgot all about my digicam.

Can't wait for weekends where I could sleep longer.

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