Tuesday, February 15, 2011

On Candy Sugar

Have been deciding on getting a new Candy Sugar School bag.

Currently I am using Candy Sugar School Bag also.
Just that it got a little dirty.

This is the current design I am using. I have been using it for 2 years or so.
I will review about it sometime later.

This is the design I am eying now.
I am considering the one with pink strap.

Well, do you adore Candy Sugar too?


  1. Ah! I want the last one so badly! I'm thinking about asking for it for my birthday~ I hear they're very durable and so easy to accessorize.

  2. I have a Fancy Pocket one, the straps are grey, blue and pink. I've had it since the start of the school year and 5 months later there's not so much as a scuff on it! They're sooo durable, and deceptively big, too. Plus, it's fun to decorate them too :)

  3. @Ayame, yes they are really durable. I have been using mine for two years and usually I carry about 5-6kg of weight in the bag and I didn't tear and lasted through the hard use.

    @ BeXie, Glad you got your own Japanese bag, aren't they so durable and spacious? I practically throw everything inside =)