Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My take on Garnier Shampoos

I have finished off one bottle with this shampoo now I am using the 2nd bottle.
It is the Garnier shampoo. Not the Fructis line.
I hate Fructis. It made my hair feel so dry, like wheat!
Garnier Ultra Mild Shampoo (Not sure of the name, I googled it and it seems to be this)
Mine's in Mango and Gardenia. Smells so tropical. Reminds me of the beach and well, my country. Tropical country.

Fortunately this shampoo it is the other way around, the shampoo actually made my hair feel softer. The only grudge is the conditioner is a bit on the diluted side.
So more product is needed to see the effectiveness. As usual the conditioner will always deplete way before the shampoo.
The conditioner has already been used up, now I am trying the Herbal Essence conditioner. First time in my life trying Herbal Essence. Hope it works well.

Well, for me Pantene works the best of the brands I tried in Moscow but still Garnier is worth a try for the cheap price. About 30 rubles cheaper than Pantene.
So far up to now I only tried the Mango & Gardenia line and Avocado oil & Shea Butter line. I like the smell of the Mango & Gardenia line more.

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