Monday, February 14, 2011

First bento making!

Happy Valentine's Day.

A special course for today.
It's my first bento making. So start out simple first.
Reminds me when i go back to Malaysia, I gotta go to Daiso to get myself a nice bento box and also my hashi (my chopsticks)

Also my onigiri are rounded instead of the normal triangle shape. Couldn't get them into triangle shape. Such a failure.
The fillings are either ham, kani mayo or raw salmon.
I wouldn't recommend raw salmon as a filling if your weather is hot and humid. Try grilled salmon flakes instead to prevent it from turning bad.


  1. You seriously waited for 2 months for your kkcenterhk order as well? UGH that's so damn long! I hate waiting.. mostly for expensive items, cause that definitely makes me mad when you pay a lot of money for an item and they can't even be arsed to ship it out quickly. But generally.. I just hate waiting. xD Haha, especially cause I always buy things that I've been wanting for a while..