Thursday, June 17, 2010

food makes me happy

Went out with my high school besties yesterday!
We went Karaoke-ing in Red Box Plus in Pavillion. The environment was superb. I like the interior design with those disco balls along the walk way.
Even with the buffet and grill, It wasn't even close to expensive at all. Very reasonably priced.

Look at the plates all over! We ate like pigs.

We walked over the StarHill Gallery to Shook!
Everything is priced at RM3.60 per plate, promotion last till 30th June.
I ordered a Cumberland sausage, cafe latte and cranberry mojito.

Got a nailpolish from TheFaceShop. Here's the swatch, the colour is GR503.
And also what I had for breakfast. Black pepper chicken.
Delicious no?? It has a freaking huge serving.

After Shook, we went to Wong Kok. I just ordered a drink.
Koo Tin Lok, this drink is purely chocolate.

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